Thrive at Home with kids

using these simple methods



The Thriving at Home eBook

contains supplemental materials to implement the tips and methods written about in the Thriving at Home Article. The eBook is an over fifty page document with ready-to-go charts to create your own goals, flexible schedules, study plans with finish lines, mealtime responsibilities, chore charts and more! It also includes instructions, pages of ideas for quiet time, reward systems, balancing structure with spontaneity and also troubleshooting tools that can be used to handle the unexpected you can expect to happen when spending the day with kids. They can be adapted to your unique family and used right away to get your life at home organized and your family thriving.

Printable and editable (using the free download Adobe DC), these simple charts can be hung on doors or refrigerators, put in folders or binders or used on a computer or device. This document can be used for life with kids of all ages. Please don’t feel you have to use all of these resources, just pick and chose those that work best for your needs and goals! 

Though stretching and challenging at times, staying at home with kids is an incredible opportunity to create healthy, functional family systems, develop personal relationships, and make precious family memories that will last forever. 

Enjoy your days together!


Thriving at Home

Table of Contents

How to Use

Thriving at Home Article 

Article Supplemental Materials List 

The Quick Way to Make an Accountability Notebook



Methods for Thriving Together; Setting Up Life at Home

Simple Systems; Establishing Foundation and Structure

Our Family Plan to Thrive Together

Family Rules and Consequences

Parent Child Contract

Long Term Goals 

Family Long Term Goals

Personalized Academic Plan

Challenges and Privileges

Big Goal, Small Tasks


Household Chores

Mealtime Responsibilities

Accountability Cards

Reward System Ideas

Quiet Time Ideas


Flexible Schedules; Carrying Out the Plans

Daily Flexible Schedule

Weekly Schedule

Quality Family Time Scheduling


Balancing Structure with Spontaneity

Creative Ideas to Color Your Days

Ten Minute Break Ideas

Guided Free-time Activities


Tools for Thriving Together

Ten Attributes Needed to Thrive at Home Together

Our Family’s Favorite Resources

A Tool Belt to Handle Almost Any Situation

My Action Plan for Dealing with Stressful Situations

Ways to Meet Kid’s Emotional Needs

Reward Charts and Privilege Cards

Coffee Table Accessories

To be able to edit the Thriving at Home PDF download it will need to be opened with the Free Software

Adobe Acrobat DC available at this link: