"Wow, Lolly! I love this article! Thank you so much for writing it. There are so many helpful tips and you just took a little weight off of my shoulders."



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"If you need help with “homeschool” Lolly Soulier is amazing! She is the BEST of the best- has been doing this for 17 years... and has some pretty great advice/help for those of us who need some direction and new ideas!"


"Oh thank you Lolly! This was an answer to my prayers this morning. I can't wait to implement change around here, we desperately need it!" Holli

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"I'm already a homeschool mom, but I'm excited to read this and learn more, there's always room to improve. Thanks for sharing."


"Are you a home schooler? Are you thinking about it? Maybe you just need some direction while your kids are home this next month.... and the summer. 

Do you feel like you would love some direction and help? Lolly Soulier has put together an amazing website full of amazing advice and resources. She is a tried and true home schooler of 5 for 17 years. She and her kids are the sweetest people you will ever meet. This resource is amazing!"


 "...I especially love the “how to use” guide. I also love the chart aligning the guide with the points from the article. It’s like a quick start guide! This all gives me a path to follow to get started! Love it! And I would get it for the list of educational websites alone! So excited and can’t wait to share the link with friends. You are so right that this is the perfect time to launch this. People are looking for guidance and help. Our school will most likely be out for the rest of the year not to mention summer and this gives me so many resources and ideas to make our life together smoother. I am a great rule follower but have never been very creative at coming up with ideas. Thanks for sharing this with me!"


Lolly has a gift most of us don't. Her article for Moms who are now at home with their kids as they are having school remotely for the next few weeks gives wonderful ideas that will make being at home more fun for the kids and Mom while getting school work done. It's definitely worth the read.