Easter Symbols eBook

Ten years ago I created a few simple games to help our kids to learn and remember the Symbols of Easter, and they look forward to playing them every year! Using the same Easter Symbols we play different games including Easter Symbols Bingo, Easter Symbols Circle Walk, and a Matching Game and they help us remember our Savior and see the deeper meaning and significance all around us during Easter and springtime.

This year I created an eBook of these activities I am excited to share!

Symbols are reflected with real photographs with clean white backgrounds.

Included in the Symbols of Easter eBook:

25 Symbols of Easter Descriptions

10 Easter Symbols Bingo Boards

Easter Symbols Question Cards

Easter Symbols for Circle Walk

Easter Symbols Matching Game Cards

Holy Week is my all time favorite holiday season.

Sure, I love Christmas! At our house we appeal to all five senses at Easter time too, making it just as special and memorable as Christmas time. Our kids look forward to our traditional Easter meals and desserts, including a Jerusalem Feast where we dress in time period clothing and eat olives, fish, and figs while sitting on the floor. Our favorite Easter songs playlist plays nonstop all week long and fresh flowers and lilies make the air smell delightful. We gather as a family everyday to share a special scripture study about the events of the last week of the Savior’s life. We do an act of service and a fun family activity each day during Holy Week, including a springtime walk looking for new life and painting eggs. We have hatched butterflies and baby chicks at Easter time and the experience has been a sweet way to help us remember our Savior. Our Easter decorations are centered around the Savior and we reserve a special hand dipped and carved candle just for Holy Week. We light our Easter candle every night at dinner, except for the days Christ lay in the tomb when we leave it dark. We light our Easter candle again with dozens of other candles all around the counter and tables on Easter Morning and sing all the verses to the hymn, 'He is Risen!' 


Our Easter Symbol Activities are another meaningful, hands on way we enjoy celebrating and remembering our Savior's life and His victory over the grave during this beautiful season.


I hope these simple games can add to your

Easter celebrations too, Happy Easter!



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