Lolly Soulier


What unique times we are experiencing! For the last seventeen years I have practicing the soul-stretching art of being a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom. If I have any expertise it would be how to be organized and productive while enjoying life at home with kids. Now, due to COVID-19, thousands of families are spending their days at home together. Motivated by a hope of sharing methods, ideas and tools to help families thrive at home during this crisis and beyond, I wrote an article, an eBook of resources and created this website! I am thrilled to be able to share what I have learned from the powerful teacher of experience. Alongside incredible people I have learned from and rubbed shoulders with, my greatest instructors have been my own failures and successes in this great experiment of family life. Even though I grew up in the middle of a large family of seven and studied Human Development in college, my kids surprise me with new opportunities for growth and learning every day. My favorite things about being home with my kids have been the family centered lifestyle we live, my relationship with each of my kids, and the good books we have read together. I'm amazed that three of my five kids are now teenagers and taller than me! 

our family

 We call our kids the "boy sandwich" because we have a girl on each end and three boys in the middle. Our kids are close together, all five in just nine years and four months! Our family has endured120° dry heat in Arizona and 20° below zero humid cold in Michigan, so now we truly appreciate the temperate weather we enjoy in Northern California. On a daily basis we soak, sprout, chop, cook and eat an incredible amount of healthy, real food. Music and the arts are a big part of our lives and holidays can be a big deal at our house, we love celebrating together! We intentionally make time for nature and recreation and are often hiking, mountain biking, playing ultimate frisbee or basketball, kayaking, or snow skiing. We love travel and exploring, we recently took a three-week long, high adventure trip to the rainforests of Costa Rica, a dream come true! We enjoy finding ways to serve and give back in our community, and we are grateful for God's goodness and the abundance in our lives.